How can I get it?
What characters have appeared in 2000 AD?
What is the Judge Dredd Megazine?
Can I email submissions?
Who should I address it to?
Would you be interested in my idea for a Judge Dredd story?
Can I come to the offices?
Would you be interested in publishing my graphic novel?
What is 2000 AD?
My local newsagent doesn't stock it. Where else can I get it?
I'd prefer to get it digitally. Is this possible?
I've missed some issues. Where can I get back copies from?
Are there collections of old stories?
I read a lot of US comics. Would I like 2000 AD's stories?
Do you sell 2000 AD merchandise?
I'm interested in writing for 2000 AD. What's the submissions policy?
I'm an artist. How do I go about sending you examples of my work?
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