The 2000 AD Thrill-Cast: Texas Holdem with Gordon Rennie and Michael Carroll

We chat about the origins of the Angel Gang and Dredd's new mission to Texas City

1 year ago

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Yeehaw, we're off to sunny Texas with the official 2000 AD podcast!

This week, we talk to writer Gordon Rennie about Angelic, his 'origin story' of the notorious Angel Gang - but is this a straight forward re-telling or an alternative history of the South's most evil family?

And as we prepare for the Judge Dredd: Every Empire Falls collection in February, we chat to writer Michael Carroll about continuing the saga in January as Judge Dredd returns to Texas City to deal with the fallout of the attempted coup; plus we discuss national stereotypes, playing in John Wagner's sandpit, and what the Irish do and do not say!

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