40 Years of Thrill-power Festival: Writing For 2000 AD

Rob Williams, Al Ewing, and Emma Beeby talk to Steve Morris about the process of writing for 2000 AD

1 year ago

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In February 2017, 2000 AD celebrated four decades of cutting edge comics at the 40 Years of Thrill-power Festival in London and we are proud to give you a front row seat for panels with some of the best creators in comics today...

Three of 2000 AD’s newest talents discuss their approaches to writing for the Galaxy’s Greatest Comic, from compressed storytelling to creating compelling characters, from the challenges of working on some of the most famous characters in British comics to combining humour, pathos, and high-octane action in a single strip.

Please note: this panel was recorded using hand-held microphones in front of a live audience so sound quality may be variable.