40 Years of Thrill-power Festival: Editors Reunited panel

Editors Matt Smith, Andy Diggle, Steve MacManus and Richard Burton discuss their time in 2000 AD's Command Module!

1 year ago

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In February 2017, 2000 AD celebrated four decades of cutting edge comics at the 40 Years of Thrill-power Festival in London and we are proud to give you a front row seat for panels with some of the best creators in comics today...

Current and longest-serving 2000 AD editor Matt Smith hosted former 'Thargs' Andy Diggle, Steve MacManus and Richard Burton on a panel which lifts the lid on the goings-on behind-the-scenes at the Command Module.

From smashing deadlines to cajoling creators, they’re the behind-the-scenes droids who make sure 2000 AD lands on time every week. For the first time these four iconic editors meet together on one panel to talk about their experience of being at the helm of the Galaxy’s Greatest Comic.

Please note: this panel was recorded using hand-held microphones in front of a live audience so sound quality may be variable.