2000AD Covers Uncovered - Road Hog!

Jake Lynch gives us a glimpse at the Mega City Highway Code

1 year ago

Mirror, signal, Cyclops Phylon TX Laser, maneouvre. Jake Lynch continues his love affair with the Lawmaster with this absolutely awesome cover for Prog 2043. Jake  is one of the goto droids for damn cool Dredd images and this cover certainly doesn't disappoint! 

Jake was kind enough to send some process images, so buckle up and let's go! Jake said "This cover continues my obsession with trying to work out how a Lawmaster works!" Below is Jake's rough...

Dredd stopping on a 'No Stopping' sign. What? Are YOU gonna tell him?

Jake builds up the inks and adds some tone. Note the reverse Z design...

Dredd waits at the Drive-Thru Hottie House.

Jake begins to add colour...

The Enceladus cover variant. 

Here we have a look at some of the road signs, Jake does a great job of coming up with some very authentic looking ideas here...

The 'Get in Lane' sign is based on the Pedestrianisation system of Norwich.

And here's the final image; Jake said "The difference between rough and final layout of signs was a case of keeping it readable." Great job fella! 

Dredd swotting up on his Highway Code Test.

Simply awesome! Thank you so much to Jake or sending the images. Be sure to check out his fantastic print at the Vice Press Zarjaz Exhibition at The Gallery at Munro House in Leeds from 22nd September 2017.