2000 AD Covers Uncovered - "Hey Joe, Where You Goin' With That Gun Of Yours?"

Clint Langley completes his trilogy of ABC Warriors covers with the universe's sharpest sniper!

11 months ago

A1! Behold Clint Langley's final, zarjaz cover in his ABC Warriors trilogy for the Fallout arc, which see's Joe racking up those kills! I'm so pleased to present this cover, as Clint hid much of his robo-carnage with those flames of retribution! Check out Volkhan's vanquished villains below...  

Manspreading much, Joe?

Clint was also kind enough to send more of his amazing extras from the newly released, must-buy, that is the Mek Files 4 Graphic Novel. This bumper book is absolutely chock full of redesigned pages and extras, you'd be a fool to miss it!

The first extra is a mean and moody profile shot of Joe, probably deciding what he's going to have for tea... 

Why the long face, Joe?

Next up we have old Hammerstein himself, looking forlorn, as he has just stood in a steaming pile of Biol...

Stop... Hammerstein!

And finally, the mysterious Blackblood, facing his eternal, internal struggle of whether he prefers B*Witched or Bananarama...

It was murder getting those bloodstains out of his cloak.

Huge, huge thanks to Clint. Be sure to buy your copy of the Mek Files 4 here!

Tomorrow: The Making of Simon Coleby's awesome cover of Prog 2075!