OUT NOW: Charley's War Volume Two

This second volume of Pat Mills and Joe Colquhoun’s comics masterpiece takes Charley to the horrors of Verdun

1 year ago

The second volume of the definitive edition of the seminal World War One comic book epic, Charley's War, is out now.

Injured in The Battle of the Somme, Charley returns to wartime London and meets a deserter from the French Foreign Legion, Blue, who tells of his brutal experiences of the Battle of Verdun. All too soon Charley returns to the front line at Ypres where the threat from the German army is matched only by the inhumanity of his superiors! In the face of suffering and injustice, seeds of mutiny begin to grow among the ranks…

This second volume of Pat Mills and Joe Colquhoun’s masterpiece continues to tell the story of an ordinary soldier’s experiences in World War One, including the vibrant re-mastered colour pages from the original comic.

Available in print from: Treasury of British Comics webshop, book stores, Amazon UK, US comic book stores

Available in digital from: The Treasury of British Comics webshop, the 2000 AD app for iPadAndroid and Windows 10

  • CREATIVE TEAM: Pat Mills, (w) Joe Colquhoun (a) John Aldrich, Jim Campbell, Mike Peters, Peter Knight (l)
  • REGIONS: UK, worldwide digital
  • RELEASE DATE: 17th May 2018
  • PAPERBACK, 320 pages
  • PRICE: £19.99 (UK) TBC (US)
  • ISBN: 9781781086209