JUDGE DREDD: BLOCK WAR card game available to buy now!

Get the new two-player game from Game and a Curry Games from the 2000 AD webshop now!

5 months ago

"I'm with Rowdy Yates Block - who you fighting with?!" You can now order the new two-player card game JUDGE DREDD: BLOCK WAR from the 2000 AD webshop!

Judge Dredd: Block War is a two-player card combat game, where players take on the roles of Perps, trying to destroy one another's blocks. But there's more - the Justice Department AI (situated between the players) is on patrol attempting to extinguish the violence.

Blast the enemy, reinforce your gangs or just drop some Boing on the Judges trying to stop you! Block War is easy to learn and fast to play - it takes about 15 minutes in total after learning!

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Block War is designed by Herb Ferman and produced by Game and a Curry Games, with original art from some of the greatest Judge Dredd artists.