NEW: Rogue Trooper and Judge Dredd pin badge sets from Planet Replicas

New range of licensed 2000 AD merchandise includes Strontium Dog logo keyring

8 months ago

Planet Replicas has unveiled its new range of licensed pin badges featuring designs from two of 2000 AD's biggest strips - Judge Dredd and Rogue Trooper!

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Included in every Search Destroy Agents enrolment pack, this classic Strontium Dog logo from the pages of 2000 AD makes for a simple yet perfect keychain (or backpack) addition!

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Continue your Rogue Trooper collection with these classic pin badges - a gift-boxed set including Major Magnam Biochip, Nort Logo, and Souther Logo! All metal with weathered and enamel details.

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And, finally, the Judge pin-badge set, featuring a Dredd badge inspired by the work of Carlos Ezquerra, a Psi Judge badge, a Luna-1 Judge badge, and a Sov Judge badge!

These mini versions of the classic Judge badges are all metal and a perfect addition to our existing sets- making a great present for any 2000 AD fan!