OUT NOW: Wildcat! I think I love you...

Turbo Jones, the first collection of the classic 1980s crossover comic book Wildcat, is out now!

6 months ago

EARTH IS DESTROYED! In 2488 Earth history professor, Turbo Jones predicted that the planet would be destroyed in 2500 by a vast meteoroid storm.

Ridiculed by the world’s leaders, Turbo spent the next twelve years constructing a huge spaceship and employing a group of volunteers to help him leave the Earth and find a new home in the stars…

Turbo Jones and his exploration party are soon captured and caught in a conflict between two alien races. His ingenuity saved him from the destruction of the Earth, but can it save him from the invading Arglon’s dinosaur army?

Originally serialised in Wildcat from 22nd October 1988-7th April 1989, Wildcat Holiday Special 1989, Wildcat Winter Special 1989 and Eagle & Wildcat from 8th April 1989-7th October 1989