OUT NOW: Rico: The Titan Years

Buy the omnibus of three novellas telling the untold story of Judge Dredd's corrupt brother and his mission to survive the hell of his sentence on the moon of Titan!

5 months ago

"Judge Dredd ... but filtered through the gritty misery of Oz; a sci-fi Shawshank Redemption minus the redemption." - Starburst

“One of the series’ most enduring villains and until now, one of the most misunderstood.”- Pop Culture Bandit

Every fan knows the cautionary tale of Rico Dredd, the Judge who went bad - but his story didn't end when he was consigned to Titan by his own brother!

The Rico Dredd: The Titan Years omnibus is out now in print and digital!

Veteran Dredd writer Michael Carroll delves into the history of Judge Dredd's corrupt brother in three novella-length stories, and gives voice to this haunting presence in Dredd's life.

"I'm the clone that went bad, that brought shame on Judge Fargo's legacy. I was a Judge, the best the Academy of Law ever turned out. The very best. But after less than a year on the streets of Mega-City One, I was brought down, taken in. It was Little Joe who caught me; second-best Judge there’s been. Broken, sentenced, stripped of office, I was shipped out to the brutal moon Titan, to do my twenty years' hard labour. Yeah, you know about Rico Dredd.

"But do you know what really happened? Why I did it? What it was like, out there on the edge of space, doing time in the Bronze? Truth is, mister, you know stomm about me..."