Prog 2000 Special: Brian Bolland, Kevin O'Neill, Peter Milligan & Gordon Rennie

The official 2000 AD podcast talks to some of the zarjaz creators behind Prog 2000!

1 year ago

With our 2,000th issue imminent, The 2000 AD Thrill-Cast we talk to some of the top-notch creators involved about what this milestone means for them and for the Galaxy's Greatest Comic.

Returning to our pages for the first time in years, both Brian Bolland and Kevin O'Neill explain why they couldn't pass up the chance to be in Prog 2000.

Gordon Rennie talks about why he loves playing on the battlefields of Nu-Earth and his brand new Rogue Trooper story with Richard Elson, and Peter Milligan discusses his brand new series with Rufus Dayglo, Counterfeit Girl!

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