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This week we have the thrill-powered delights of 2000 AD Prog 2255, where we have the pulse-pounding finale to the latest Judge Dredd serial, The Hard Way, with Dredd and Maitland under attack from all sides from the team of assassins sent their way by La Reine Rouge, including the Hag… captured perfectly on the Prog cover by that master of 2000 AD covers, Alex Ronald!


ALEX RONALD: Matt had suggested a scene with Trapper Hag charging at Dredd and supplied a few refs from the strip.

For the initial 3D part of the job I already had a Dredd model which I reposed, but Trapper Hag was a new custom build in Z Brush and I used various refs to get the right look.

It’s Hag Attack For Dredd – Alex Ronald’s 3D Custom Build!
Up Close & Personal – Dredd’s Dates Never Seem To Go Well.


Once I had a pose I liked I roughed over it in Photoshop with a basic colour scheme.

Yep – That’s What Alex Calls A Rough!


On approval of this pose by Matt it was onto embellishing the rough to a final level.

Great to be working on Dredd again, doubly so when it’s a classic villain.


Thank you so much to Alex Ronald for taking the time to send that art through to us – and to you! You can find his cover adorning the front of 2000 AD Prog 2255 – in comic shops, newsagents, and from the 2000 AD web shop from 27 October!