Alex Ronald – mild mannered artist or false flag enabling black ops agent? You decide Earthlets! As Grerysuit nears its murderous and no doubt extremely bloody conlusion, Alex brings us the second of his Greysuit trillogy of covers.

Delta Assassin John Blake’s programming has well and truly broken down, resulting in a gruesome revenge spree on those who corrupted him. Not content with erasing the spectres of his past, he is also determined to bring down the system by exposing the government’s more controversial activities. Next on Blake’s hitlist is Dunstin Wood, head of the evil Monarch Project that created him, what grisley fate does Blake have for him?

Below, we see Alex’s rough, it seems that Old Dustin is going to go out with a bang! 

Wood not Bang?

With the rough approved by the Mighty One, Alex creates one of his amazing trademark digital masterpieces; a real subversive cover that 2000 AD does so well!

Union Whacked?

Thanks to Alex for sending the fantastic images! Be sure to check out more of his amazing work at his wonderful blog!