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This week, it’s the return of the all-ages amazement that is 2000 AD Regened, where the best in comics take on the best of 2000 AD and give younger readers their first jolt of thrill power to hopefully set them on the path to becoming lifelong Squaxx dek Thargos!

Inside, you’ll see more all-ages tales featuring the early days of Judge Dredd in Cadet Dredd, the return of Psi-Judge Anderson, a wonderfully twisty and turny time tale of a Future Shock, a return to Nu-Earth with Venus Bluegenes, and a surprise return for a character not seen in the Prog for 37 years! It is, as usual, a special Prog full of zarjaz strips.

And you can get 2000 AD Prog 2206 in stores and from the 2000 AD web shop from 4 November underneath a dino-tastic cover from Alex Ronald, who’s here to tell us just how he put together this beauty…

So… over to Alex to spill the beans on this one…

Matt had given me a free hand with this, Cadet Dredd with whatever alien or monster I wanted. I used to really love all the Satanus stories so the chance to do something like that was too good to miss.

With this one I thought I’d go with a ‘High Noon’, Dredd v’s T Rex image. To tie into that idea I had drawn the first rough –

Down Fido. Good Fido. Dredd’s obedience training school gets off to a rocky start.

Reconsidering this I thought at the very least the T Rex head needed to be closer, more dangerous, filling the page.

I built up a T Rex in Z Brush and with my Dredd model I tinkered with various camera positions. For the final composition I adjusted the camera down low, and to have Dredd slightly offset.

Small Judge, big stick, bigger T-Rex – our money’s still on Dredd.

Then it was onto painting.

Rather for going more traditional earthy greens or browns for the T Rex skin I aimed for more colourful options to help it pop against the usual white background previously used on Regened covers.

Thank you for Alex yet again for giving us the look behind the curtain this time for that dino-tastic delight of a cover.

It’s the capper of a great year of Regened issues but fear not… we’ll have more for you in 2021, all kicking off with the Regened collection that’s coming out on 7 January 2021, collecting much of what’s featured in the Regened Progs including Cadet Dredd, Strontium Dog, Rogue Trooper, DR & Quinch, Finder & Keeper and more. You’ll also find a brand-new Cadet Dredd strip by Matt Smith and Neil Googe, all to be found under this cover from Neil Googe…