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This week, it’s the return of Patrick Goddard and Dylan Teague to grace the cover of 2000 AD Prog 2244, as Aquila puts Nero to the sword…

PROG 2244 out now


Goddard’s on art duties on the inside as well, as the latest Aquila strip, The Rivers of Hades Part One gets to episode 7 with Aquila deep in hell looking for the whereabouts of Emperor Nero in his continuing quest to get hold of Ammit the Devourer.

So, without further ado, here’s Patrick Goddard with the lowdown on putting together the cover before sending it over to Dylan Teague to add his magical colours…

PATRICK GODDARD: It was a fairly simple brief, Aquila holding onto the slug-like Nero who seems to be showing him the kind of disdain that only he could!

Cover roughs – Aquila versus the slug Emperor

I sent off my usual 6 ideas and No.2 was chosen, I quickly drew it up at A4 and enlarged it to draw onto the artboard full size using my lightbox.

It was just a matter of inking it up and sending it off to Dylan to work his magic!

I think I got the brief Monday afternoon and I sent off the final artwork by Tuesday tea time, so pretty quick for me.

I hope that’s ok? It was a pretty simple brief so I didn’t have to stress too much about it, even Dylan found it stress free!!

And there we have it – from initial ideas through to finished image all ready to send off to the colour magician Dylan Teague to give us the final cover version!

You can catch Patrick and Dylan’s work on the cover of 2000 AD Prog 2244 from 11 August in comic shops, newsagents, and from the 2000 AD web shop.