Beneath all that glorious cross hatching is one seriously cross law man! A conflicted Judge Dredd must take down a rag tag squad of ex-judges who heroically helped him save the city in it’s darkest hour. In hot persuit of the desperate War Buds as they attempt to save the tortured Med-Judge Costa from the Euthanasiam, Dredd is forced to confront demons from his own past. Are the War Buds simply taking the same course of action he himself has?

Veteran design droid from the House of Tharg, Luke Preece, has provided an outstanding cover which hammers home all the urgency, conflict and determination from this modern classic of a story.

Below, see see Luke’s awesome digital rough. As ever, he has used his trademark “Dredd did a Thing… It’s really awesome!” placeholder text, which is somewhat at odds to the actual story within!   

If by awesome, you mean hunting down a group of eldsters who helped save your city, then yeah!

With the rough completed and approved by Old Green Bonce, Luke meticulously pencils the cover using nothing more than a steady hand, a pencil and six cans of Castrol XXXX. 

Lines and lines and lines and lines and lines and lines!

 Next Luke begins to ink the image with his trusty Pigma Micron pens!

Dredd loved playing with his toy Lawmaster…

 And here are those stunning, completed inks. If you love them as much as I do, then be sure to visit Vice Press’ zarjaz erm… Zarjaz Exhibition in Leeds throughout September where you can see those inks up close and personal like!

Koom  Skrree!

With the inks complete, it’s time to fire up the trusty Wacom and colour this bad boy! Luke made a really cool video, charting his progress with the cover, check it out HERE

Headshot, grim.

And here is the incredible, finished cover, an absolute classic!

Think Bike (for your safety, not his!)

Huge, huge thanks to Luke for sending the files, this is truly one of my very favourite covers of the year. The rendering style is incredible and shows just why Luke’s prints are so popular. Remeber to check out more of Luke’s work HERE.