The king of cool, Jake Lynch is back with an absolutely iconic Dredd cover for Prog 1990! Jake has been a staunch supporter of 2000AD Covers Uncovered, but sadly, most of his posts have resulted in him being a recipient of a Rigellion Hotshot from the Mighty One himself. 

I was hoping things would have gotten better for Jake, it seems not. He said “Tharg has given permission for all Earthbound, Nerve Centre Staff to abuse me. To that end, CyberMatt contacted me around 11pm one evening demanding I do a cover at short notice. He made it clear that I was not worthy…”

“Of the thumbnails submitted, one was selected then quickly inked up…”

Dredd brandishes his impressive weapon…

Disgusting treatment, dammit though, I adore those stylised buildings. The cits are cool too! Jake continues “This was followed by the usual routine of tone and colour…”

Tonely the Stonely!

Jake continues “Dredd’s posture looks a bit wrong so I rotate the image a tad to try to compensate…”

“That ain’t no Pokemon kid!”

But, dear reader, I know wht you’re thinking, the printed cover was waaay different. Jake explains “After the image was submitted, CyberMatt decreed that the background was unworthy, demanded it be removed and my Rigellian Hotshot was in the post. I also used the opportunity to reduce Dredds mouth a bit.”

BANG! And the cits are gone!

“Adjustments made and job done…” DING DONG!

“Oh goody, the Postie’s here, I wonder what exciting stuff she’s got for me to-AARRRGGHHhhhh…”

 Oh no! it looks like Jake has incurred the wrath of Tharg again! A monumental thank you to Jake, I’ll make sure I send some flowers to the Art Droid Mechanics on behalf of this blog!