It’s holiday time, which can mean only one thing, the mighty one is spoiling us with with the zarjaz 2000AD Summer Special! The special features five brand new stories for you to read at your leisure by the chem-pools of Gran Vesusia or while floating in zero G beaches of Sedna. The special sports a gloriously sunny cover by scrotnig Art Droid Ryan Brown, who has certainly delivered the goods!

I asked Ryan to tell me about this glorious cover, he said “Tharg wanted an image on the cover of us looking up at Dredd on a beach. I had to keep the angle shallow so we could see the sand and the sea. My rough (which I deleted, d’oh!) had the coloured bucket and spade but Tharg thought it should be gray. However, I fought to keep them brightly coloured as it makes a nice contrast with dredd as hes very monochrome. I loved the colours, which I based on this photograph...”

That woman in the white top shouldn’t have had the chilli…

I thought the colours were a nice connection to the comic covers of old. In my covers, I like to have some dramatic lighting and this beach scene was a great opportunity for that. I really want to get my teeth into an action cover in the future, something with some dynamic poses and stuff!

Hmmmm, Ryan needn’t worry too much about action covers, here are some of his awesome images of old, starting with a titantic tussle at the dump that is Pete Wells Block!

Death’s ventriloqist act needed some work…

Or how about this super cool cover of Prog 1929?


There are many, many more examples of Ryan’s amazing work on his brand new website, which you can find at .

Back to the Summer Special cover, here’s how it looks at your local Thrill Merchant…

“There’s a hole in my bucket, dear Joseph, dear Joseph!”

Ryan adds “Also, I wanted Dredd holding an icecream which was dripping onto the sand but that was going to far, ha ha ha!”

HUGE thanks to Ryan for sending the images and text. Be sure to check out his brand new site at for loads of awesome images!