Someone had moved the ‘Out of Order’ sign form the lift…

“I wanted something with tentacles showing a break in sanity, something very familiar to me with the work I’ve done over the years for SelfMadeHero. What’s already been well established in series one was The Eye of Vovek. So I used that again here, exactly the same way as it features in series one, but with Bridget reflected in it with a similar fearful expression as per the 1st cover for this second series, a sort of visual call back. The rough I did even used the line art of the face from the previous cover just copied and pasted in this purpose.”

The dianoga makes a cameo in Brink!

“Again with the flatting.”

The view from the lavvy as Kurtis has one gin too many…

“And then colors, final inks, and done.”

“Erm… can I have my ball back please?”

Awesome! Vovek sized thanks to Ian for sending the break downs and commentary, they’re brilliant! Earthlets should look ut for Brink Book One when it is released in September this year!