Prog 1996 features the return of Kapitan-Inspector Atalia Jaegir, of the Nordland State Security Police. Atalia, who is infected with the fearsome Strigoi curse which can mutate it’s victims into fearsome monsters, is part of the Nordland Security Forces who deal with war criminals. The brutal war between the Norts and the Southers has seen its fair share of atrocities, many by members of the Jaegar family. When the time comes, will she be able to bring them to account?

The stiking cover is by Dredd: Uprising and Aquila artist Paul Davidson and is an absolute cracker! I reached out to Paul and he was kind enough to send some fantastic work in progress images and notes about his creative process. He said “Tharg knew what he wanted, so we bypassed the stage of various rough design proposals. From his description, i went straight to a well finished rough…” 

A tagline from the Ronseal School of Taglines…

“Once that was given the green light, I proceeded to inks…”

As usual, the troops were quite literally behind Jaegir!

“I then blocked in the background colour as I visualised this with a strong warm colour background, with a cool foreground for maximum punch…”

Red sky at night, Nordland’s do fight! Red Sky in the morning, Nordland’s warring!

“I then added the cool tones to the main deal using Copic markers bought from my local corner shop!”

Here’s pen in your eye!

“And then more of the same to completion…”

Embarrasingly, Jaegir had a piece of lavvy roll handing out of the back of her trousers…

Paul was thrilled with the work done by Tharg’s design team, he said “Picking up on the white light on her face, picked up very nicely in the typography……all tied in nicely………it’s great when that happens!”

Atalia gets ready for a scrap in the scrap.

It’s great for us too, as this is a fine cover for a great character! Thanks to Paul for sending the images and insights, please go visit his website at