Hold on to your helmets as Clint Langley brings us the making of his zarjaz cover Deadworld cover of Prog 2025, and Good Grud, what a cover it is!

The cover shows Fairfax and Jess desperately trying to escape the omnipresent clutches of Judge Death and his twisted brethren in what must be one of the darkest strips in 2000AD’s rich history. Clint was kind enough to send his images of his mind boggling process which simply MUST come with the following health warning – set Thrill Buffers at Maximum Earthlets! 

Done that? Good, because here are what can only be described as Clint’s eye meltingly terrifying inks…

Good Grud, the cycling proficiency tests on Deadworld are harsh!

Those inks are drawn A2 sized and I bet are an absolute wonder to behold.

With the inks complete, tones are digitally added to make it look even darker and creepier!

Hiiiiiiiighway to Hell!

 So finally, Clint digitally colours the image proving once again that he is probably the best in the business!

 “Look once! Look Twice! Keep an eye out for Motorcycles (and giant genocidal maniacs!)”

Thank you so much to Clint for sending the images. This cover is an astounding testament to his talent – stunning composition and digital effects mere squaxx cannot comprehend. For more of CLint’s work, those who are on Facebook should check out The Art of Clint Langley, it’s wonderful!