Behold, the Mighty Mechastopheles, a demon bound to a giant Mech! His sole (or should that be soul?) purpose to protect a dwindling mankind from demons of the underworld. But for how long can it be trusted? 

This zarjaz image is a welcome return to Karl, who has not graced the cover spot for nearly two years! Luckily for us, the Richardson droid is also providing the stunning interior art for this bleak 3hriller!

Below we see a couple of Karl’s initial ideas for the cover. Obviously, it was always gonna be that beautifully designed Mech!

What’s he gonna look like with a chimney on him?

Ouch! Whatever you do Mechy, don’t sit down!

With the second image approved by the Mighty Tharg, Karl begins to work on the pencils…

It’s Walk Like a Pirate Day.

 With the pencils inked, Karl begins to add the base colours…

Aw Mecha, you’ve dribbled custard down your front!

Karl continues to build up the colours, enhancing with his amazing special effect elements and adding the city of Vonitzia! Simply stunning!

On his days off, Mecha would love to visit the model village at Vontitzia.

Huge great stomping thanks to Karl for sending these beautiful images. Nothing says 2000 AD like a giant, demon possessed robot!