Mad Dog Coll?

Patrick Goddard’s inks are full of right! Tharg tasked one of his premier droids to thrill our socks off with a Gene the Hackman cover for Prog 2021. Despite crafting such a dynamic image, Patrick was as typically cool as they come. He said “I won’t lie, it was one of the easiest covers I’ve ever done! Nice and straightforward, nothing too complicated. The brief was just to have Gene charging towards the reader, ready for action and looking menacing! I hope I achieved that!” Hmmm, the mess in my pants says he did…

Below are Patrick’s initial sketches, with obviously number one the winner! 

Runaway Fury?

Patrick continues, ” I drew out an A4 preliminary first…”

Downhill Racer?

“Then enlarged it to A3 and then light boxed it onto the art board. Then inked it…simples!”

This is like the world’s hardest game of Spot the Difference, here’s the final image…

First to Fight?

Huge thanks to Patrick for sending the images, did you get the puntastic link between the puns?