Super artdroid Neil Roberts paints us an awesome cover for Prog 2014 for time bending strip, The Order. In the strip, the mighty Medieval droid Ritterstahl must save his future self in 1641 in the era expanding War of the Wyrms!

Neil is amazingly proficient artist on the computer however for this cover, like his other Order covers, he chose lush, fully painted artwork. I’m sure you’ll agree, it’s is to die for.

I asked Neil to take us through the creation of the cover, he said “For this particular cover Tharg suggested I start off with the key moment from Kek-W and John M Burns’ strip…”

“Alas, poor Ritterstahl, I knew him so well.”

Neil continues “From there I started looking at some artwork as inspiration, in this case, Dave Gibbons classic Prog 175 robot cover. I mean, c’mon! Just look at that draughtsmanship, the lighting and colour palette – sooooo lovely!”

My Other Ride is a Gaaarglespladger

“And also Wally Wood, for his solid rendering of robots…”

Wally’s cockroach problem was getting out of hand so he called in Robokill.

“Then I drew up a thumbnail based on all those elements – I wanted to go for something more contemplative and still, rather than full-on action. That’s one of 2000AD’s greatest strengths, it has that freedom to explore many different moods and styles…”

Oof, you’ll get piles sitting on that cold rock…

“Once approved, I spent a few days painting up the final piece…”

“Hey there future self, you’ve lost weight!”

“Then it was off to Tharg and his droids for putting on the front cover! Yours, Neil Roberts, or should that be Kneel Robots? Or in this case, Sitting Robots?”

Ho ho ho! He’s a card isn’t he? Neil will be at the 2000AD 40th Bash so feel free to say hello.