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Part sci-fi, part Western, Strontium Dog follows mutant bounty hunter Johnny Alpha and his comrade-in-arms Wulf Sternhammer as they capture or kill the scum of the galaxy!

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One of the most popular series to ever appear in 2000 AD, John Wagner and Carlos Ezquerra’s Strontium Dog is set in a future Britain where, following global nuclear war, mutants whose bodies have been affected by radioactive fallout are shunned and despised by the ‘norms’. Mutants can either live in crowded ghettos or take the only job available to them – bounty hunting!

Alpha is the greatest of the Search/Destroy Agents, dubbed ‘Strontium Dogs’, who – along with his partner, the time-displaced Viking warrior Sternhammer – hunt down the scum of the galaxy for cold, hard cash!

As well as tackling prejudice, the strip has focused on friendship, resistance against fascism, the difference between freedom fighters and terrorists, and the legacy of a life spent shedding blood. Featuring stunning artwork from Ezquerra, as well as artists such as Brendan McCarthy, Colin MacNeil, Ian Gibson, Kevin Walker, and Simon Harrison, this is one series you definitely need for your digital collection!

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  • Strontium Dog: S/D Agency Files 02
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  • Strontium Dog: The Final Solution
  • Strontium Dog: Repo Men
  • Strontium Dog: The Life and Death of Johnny Alpha – Dogs of War
  • Strontium Dog: Traitor To His Kind
  • Strontium Dog: The Life and Death of Johnny Alpha – The Project
  • Strontium Dog: The Kreeler Conspiracy
  • Strontium Dog: Blood Moon

And on prose novels:

  • Strontium Dog: Among the Missing
  • Strontium Dog: A Fistful of Strontium
  • Strontium Dog: Day of the Dogs
  • Strontium Dog: Ruthless
  • Strontium Dog: Prophet Margin
  • Strontium Dog: Bad Timing