“One of Europe’s most celebrated comics figures” – Comics Alliance

“a revered storyteller” – Publisher’s Weekly

The first in a major series of new collections bringing the long lost UK war comics of Italian art maestro Hugo Pratt to the public in stunning new editions will be published in February 2020.

Two brothers of differing rank have to make extraordinary sacrifices in the line of the toughest duty. This is a true story of courage under fire; a high-octane story of a blistering World War II naval battle. All illustrated by Hugo Pratt, one of the world’s most renowned comic book artists.

This thrilling war picture story marks the beginning of the Treasury of British Comics mission to return all of Pratt’s UK work to print. Published in an oversized format befitting the importance of his incredible and highly influential artwork.

Part of a new War Picture Library series showcasing the finest combat comics illustrated by legendary and iconic artists, this oversize book highlights the extraordinary the artwork of the international comics luminary and creator of Corto Maltese.

ISBN: 9781781087527
UK: 20 Feb 2020 • £14.99
US: 18 Feb 2020 • $19.99