The latest badge replica from the world of Judge Dredd is now available to pre-order from Planet Replicas – and it’s from Dredd’s arch-foes, the tyrannical Soviet city state of East-Meg!

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As agressive as their Mega-City counterparts in the West, the Sov-Judges are the Judicial force for Sov-Block cities in the East, and several other outlying territories such as Luna-1. Often criminals themselves, many have choosen to be Judges rather than face prison. Loyalists to their own Mega-Cities, their uniform has changed several times, but their hardline stance never will!

This badge is part of an ongoing range of Dredd world badges, all individually hand-finished in resin, and perfect for both display and costume wear.They measure approx 140mm x 83mm x 9mm and come with a presentation box and display stand.