Call your colleagues from the confines of your cube or habitat, citizens – with Zoom backgrounds featuring Mega-City One from the world of Judge Dredd!

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 lockdown, Zoom and other tele-conferencing services have become life-lines for both people who are self-isolating and businesses whose staff are working from home. And the feature to change the background of your display in such meetings has also become one of the ways to lighten the mood during difficult days!

These zarjaz backgrounds – featuring artwork by 2000 AD legends Henry Flint, Dave Taylor, Jock, and Greg Staples – mean you can fool your friends, family, and colleagues into thinking you’re calling from the megalopolis of Mega-City One!

Click on the images below and download them to your phone or computer to add a little Judge Dredd flavour to your next call!