Last year, a brand new hardcover edition of Pat Mills and Kevin O’Neill’s groundbreaking 2000 AD series Nemesis the Warlock sold out in just 24 hours.

There’s good news for those who missed out though – not only is the second limited edition volume now available to pre-order, but fans can also grab a reprint of the first volume!

Nemesis the Warlock: The Later Heresies is the brand new, limited-edition English-language hardcover collection bringing together the second phase of Pat Mills and Kevin O’Neill’s seminal sci-fi epic, Nemesis the Warlock.

Available exclusively from the 2000 AD webshop, this edition is available for pre-order from 12pm BST on Tuesday 29 September until 12pm BST on Monday 12th October. 



Developed in conjunction with 2000 AD’s French publisher Delirium, The Later Heresies collects the stories ‘Ego Trip’, ‘Book 5: Vengeance of Thoth’, ‘Book 6: Torquemurder’, ‘Torquemada the God’, ‘A Bedtime Story’, ‘Book 7: The Two Torquemadas’, ‘A Day in the Death of Torquemada’, ‘Forbidden Planet’, ‘Torquemada’s Second Honeymoon’, ‘Torture Tube’, and ‘Garden of Alien Delights’.

Written by Pat Mills with art by Kevin O’Neill, Bryan Talbot, and John Hicklenton, this edition includes the ‘photo stories’ by Tony Luke and new scans of ‘Torture Tube’ by Kevin O’Neill, as well as the colour story ‘Torquemada’s Second Honeymoon’ and thirteen colour covers.

First published 40 years ago, Nemesis the Warlock is an extra-terrestrial extremist guerrilla hell-bent on defeating the bigoted human dictator, Torquemada!

Created by Pat Mills and Kevin O’Neill, Nemesis combines his creators’ shared imaginative vision, political views, and Catholic upbringing to produce a uncompromising dark fantasy saga of unparalleled world-building. Whether it’s epic battles with the bigoted Terminators, high-speed chases through the vast Black Hole bypass, or Nemesis turning up in contemporary Britain, you’ll never have read anything like Nemesis the Warlock. Indeed, as a prescient treatise on religious extremism and cycles of violence, the series has never been more relevant.

Highly political – tackling issues of fascism, racism, – Nemesis has been long-regarded as one of 2000 AD’s most daring, and important, stories.

Co-creator Kevin O’Neill is joined by artists Jesús Redondo, Bryan Talbot, John Hicklenton, David Roach, Clint Langley, Henry Flint, Carl Critchlow and Tony Luke.