We’re very pleased to unveil a preview of the first episode of the new Thrill by Dan Abnett (Sinister Dexter, Insurrection) and INJ Culbard (Brass Sun) – Brink!

This brand-new series is a deepspace police procedural drama set in the aftermath of mankind’s evacuation from Earth.

The human race now populates a number of orbiting Habitats, artificial environments that are breeding grounds for drug crime, murder and all sorts of insanity, and Habitat Security Division officers Carl Brinkmann and Bridget Kurtis are about to investigate a case that will take them to the very edge.

Don’t miss a single zarjaz episode of this tense, eerie thriller, Terrans, which will keep your circuits stoked over the next three months!

Brink begins in Prog 1978, which lands on April 27th at all good Thrill stockists and the 2000 AD webshop and apps, and you can read an interview with the Abnett droid from late last year about this new series here!