The limited print edition of the latest Judge Dredd is available for pre-order now!

The first in the Judge Dredd: Year Three novella series, Judge Dredd: Fallen Angel by Michael Carroll sees the still-fresh lawman having to help a Special Judicial Squad investigator who once tried to have him join his corrupt clone brother, Rico, on Titan!


In 2081, SJS Judge Marion Gillen staked her reputation on proving that Joseph Dredd was as corrupt as his brother Rico—and lost.

A year later, Gillen is on the run from her own division, and must navigate a world of secrets and lies. She approaches the stolid, inflexible young Judge she once tried to bust — two years out of the Academy and already making a name for himself — and finds he may be the only person in the city she can really trust…

Judge Dredd: Fallen Angel is out on 26 August in print (£7.99) and ebook (£2.99/$3.99) from the 2000 AD webshop and apps, as well as Amazon.