Ian Kennedy is one of the longest working artists in the comics, known for his stunning cover and work on M.A.C.H. 1, Invasion, Ro-Busters, Dan Dare, and Judge Dredd, as well as for Eagle, Starlord, and Commando.

In a fascinating talk recorded at the University of Dundee in 2016, the veteran artist discusses his career, work, and process while painting a poster of Dan Dare’s nemesis, The Mekon.

For four decades, 2000 AD has been bringing you the galaxy’s greatest stories from the world’s best creators – its mix of action, humour, satire, and in-your-face storytelling has made it the award-winning, critically-acclaimed, globally-influencing comic it is today. But what goes into creating your weekly Thrills? How do artists go from script to finished page? In FROM THE DRAWING BOARD we meet the artists behind 2000 AD and get to watch them in action as they craft brand new Thrills for the Galaxy’s Greatest Comic!

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