There’s up to 50% off Zenith collections in the 2000 AD webshop until 21st August as we celebrate the superpowered superbrat’s 31st birthday!

Written by Grant Morrison with art by Steve Yeowell, Zenith is an egotistical pop star with little interest in helping save the world

Unfortunately for him and mankind, dark gods from another dimension known as the ‘Many-Angled Ones’ have sent Masterman’s twin to take over the planet and only Zenith and a small number of depowered heroes from the ‘Flower Power’ generation stand a chance of defeating him!

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The sale includes the Zenith Apex Edition – a full size reproduction of the original artwork from Phase One. Carefully hidden away by Yeowell for almost 30 years and curated by 2000 AD’s design team, the Apex Edition will be the closest readers can get to holding the original artwork in their hands – right down to seeing faded speech balloons pasted to the surface, editorial and design marks, and Yeowell’s brush and pen strokes!