Get ready to go wild – it’s the MONSTER MADNESS digital bundle from 2000 AD!

Presented at a special price for a limited time, this bundle includes the first volumes of KINGDOM, KINGMAKER, and THE LEOPARD FROM LIME STREET as well as the complete collections of AGE OF THE WOLF, ANT WARS, and SHAKO!

From stone-cold classics such as Shako – the ONLY bear on the C.I.A.’s death list – and Ant Wars, to old school British superheroes like The Leopard From Lime Street, the fan-favourite post-apocalyptic saga of Kingdom, and new takes on old tropes with Age of the Wolf and Kingmaker, this digital bundle is an absolute beast – and all at a low, low price!

Get more than 800 pages of savage stories for just £20 – DRM-free from the 2000 AD webshop or through the 2000 AD app for Apple and Android devices!



Featuring work by Dan Abnett (Warhammer 40k), Ian Edginton (Scarlet Traces), Ramon Sola (Hookjaw), Gerry Finley-Day (Rogue Trooper), Cam Kennedy (Judge Dredd), Simon Spurrier (Hellblazer) and many more, this is the idea digital bundle of British comics to sink your teeth into!

Gorge yourself on hundreds of pages of groundbreaking comic books as you take on the beasts that have made 2000 AD world famous!

This bundle includes the following digital collections:


When a US Air Force plane crashes within the Arctic Circle, Shako – the terror of the frozen wastes – arrives at the crash site, getting his first taste of human flesh! Unfortunately for the C.I.A. Shako has swallowed a top secret capsule, and now they must track down the savage beast to retrieve it. This won’t be an easy task as Shako hates mankind, and what Shako hates, Shako destroys! Written by 2000 AD legends Pat Mills (Nemesis the Warlock, Charley’s War) and John Wagner (A History of Violence, Judge Dredd), with stunning art from a number of European artists, including Ramon Sola (Flesh), Shako is a bear necessity for all comic book fans.



When military personnel spray an untested insecticide on ants in the Brazilian rainforest, the colony mutate into super-intelligent creatures with a taste for human flesh! As the terrifying army head closer towards civilisation, Captain Villa and a young forest native race ahead in the vain attempt to warn an unprepared world! Written by Gerry Finley-Day (Rogue Trooper), with Art by José Luis Ferrer (Robo-Hunter), Lozano (M.A.C.H.1), Pena (Planet of the Damned) and Azpiri (Black Hawk), Ant Wars is an exhilarating take on the classic sci-fi movies of the fifties and sixties.



Out into the wilderness they trek, led by the Urgings from their Masters, charged with keeping Them off of his lawn. The pack, led by Gene the Hackman, are strong, experienced soldiers – they don’t know exactly what Them are, but they have their orders, and Them are to be scrapped at every opportunity. The Masters must be obeyed. But the The Masters are not all they appear to be and when Gene the Hackman’s pack scatter he will come face to face with a world shattering truth! Written by best-selling author Dan Abnett (Guardians of the Galaxy) with art by Richard Elson (Judge Dredd) this action-packed tale of earth’s far future is not to be missed!



Lord Of The Rings meets Independence Day in this brand-new fantasy epic from the pages of 2000 AD! The inhabitants of the Nine Kingdoms fought hard to liberate their world from the tyranny of Ichnar the Wraith King. Little did they suspect that a greater threat would soon fall upon them in the form of the Thorn, a race of aliens intent on strip-mining all of the magic from the world. Now old enemies have formed an alliance – Wizard Ablard, ork Crixus and the dryad Princess Yarrow have set aside their differences and are seeking to use the Ebora world spirit against the invaders.



Humanity’s days look numbered. Earth has found itself living under a permanent full moon and the majority of the world’s population have been transformed into flesh-hungry werewolves. As the scattered survivors find themselves as part of the food chain, a young London based woman named Rowan Morrigan discovers that she may be destined to save the human race! Written by Alec Worley (Dandridge) with art by Jon Davis-Hunt (Judge Dredd), Age of the Wolf is an intelligent dissection of werewolf mythology, wrapped inside a high-octane action adventure!



After being scratched by a radioactive leopard, young Billy Farmer soon discovered that he had acquired the strength, agility and senses of the mighty jungle cat. Creating a costume to disguise his identity, Billy became the masked vigilante known as the ‘Leopard-Man’ – Selbridge’s premier crime fighter. Living with his aunt and mean uncle in a small house on Lime Street, Billy juggles his time between schoolwork and saving lives, earning some money on the side as a freelance photographer for the Selbridge Sun . Created by Tom Tully, Mike Western and Eric Bradbury, The Leopard from Lime Street, is the crown jewel of British superhero comic strips.


Please note: this promotional sale ends 13 April 2021.