Get an entire year’s dose of digital Thrill-power in one go – for half price!

The 2000 AD Prog Collection bundles include all the issues of 2000 AD from a single calendar year – and each week we’re giving 50% OFF one of the collections between 2003 and 2015 on the 2000 AD webshop!

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Highlights in the 2009 Prog Collection (featuring Progs 1617-1665, including the 2000 AD Prog 2010 Christmas Special) include Robbie Morrison and Richard Elson’s series about a Dredd-world vigilante, Marauder; the past comes back to bite Johnny Alpha in Strontium Dog: Blood Moon; the debut of Al Ewing and Henry Flint’s polite weaponised zombie Zombo; and John Smith and Edmund Bagwell’s sinister contemporary ‘hoodie-horror’ Cradlegrave.

Each bundle includes up to 50 issues of 2000 AD, PLUS the annual bumper Christmas Prog – meaning you can download and read an entire year’s worth of classic Thrill-power in one go.

These annual Prog Collections are the ideal way to create your own digital archive of the Galaxy’s Greatest Comic and catch up on the greatest comics of the millennium!

All files from the 2000 AD webshop can be downloaded DRM-free in CBZ or PDF formats.

And don’t forget – if you purchase a digital product from the 2000 AD webshop you can read it in the 2000 AD app (and vice versa) when you use the same registration/log-in details for both!

Beware of Thrill-power overload, Earthlets!

Every week under the end of April, a new digital Prog collection will be released with 50% off:

  • 25 March – 2010
  • 1 April – 2011
  • 8 April – 2012
  • 15 April – 2013
  • 22 April – 2014
  • 29 April – 2015