“I am the Deathbringer – I am the one who waits on the edge of your dreams – I am all these things and many more!”

Don’t miss the opportunity to grab one of the all-time most iconic T-shirts from the past four decades of 2000 AD! Featuring art by Bryan Talbot, this arcane Nemesis the Warlock T-shirt is a classic design from the saga of Pat Mills and Kevin O’Neill’s “arch-deviant”.


Nemesis the Warlock was the cloven-hoofed alien freedom fighter who battled the evil forces of the despotic Torquemada’s xenophobic Termight Empire. Whether cleaving his way through legions of Terminators on alien worlds or racing through the Tubes beneath the surface of Termight in the Blitzspear, Nemesis has long been one of 2000 AD‘s most popular characters.

Now available on a quality T-shirt and, for the first time, in multiple colours, this outstanding design is sure to delight freedom fighters and devotees of Khaos alike!

Art by Kevin O’Neill from Nemesis the Warlock Vol.1