KISS MY AXE! Let ’em know what you think with the latest Sláine T-shirt from the Galaxy’s Greatest Comic – featuring glorious painted work from master artist Glenn Fabry!


Created by Pat Mills and Angie Kincaid, Sláine is the headstrong warrior from ancient Celtic myth who wandered the Land of the Young with the unsavoury dwarf Ukko by his side. With his ability to channel energy from the earth into monstrous warp-spasms, Sláine serves the whims of the earth goddess Danu. He united the disparate tribes of his homeland in their wars against Slough Feg and his allies, and eventually became the first High King of Ireland.

Glenn Fabry is one of the most popular artists to have depicted Sláine, from his first work on The Time Killer in 1985 to the breathtaking line-work of Sláine The King in 1988, and beautiful painted pages of Demon Killer in 1993.