He’s an extra-terrestrial extremist hell-bent on the destruction of mankind – and this week we’re celebrating 40 years of Nemesis the Warlock!

Created by Pat Mills and Kevin O’Neill, and long-regarded as one of 2000 AD’s most daring and groundbreaking stories, Nemesis the Warlock is comics unconstrained and off the leash!

The three collections are now HALF PRICE from the 2000 AD webshop, as well as
the hardcover The Deviant Edition, which showcases O’Neill’s coloured and modified artwork from 1980s reprints.

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Debuting in ‘Terror Tube’ Prog 167 in 1980 (a story inspired by ‘Going Underground’ by The Jam), Nemesis was only seen at the helm of his darting Blitzspear ship, which zipped through the vast tunnels carved out beneath the surface of a future Earth, now named Termight. His true, undeniably alien face was not revealed until later, as he waged war against the authoritarian Terminators and their diabolical despotic leader – Torquemada!

Mills and O’Neill’s vision used their shared views on politics and religion to produce an uncompromising dark fantasy saga of unparalleled world-building – whether it’s epic battles with the bigoted Terminators, high-speed chases through the vast Black Hole bypass, or Nemesis turning up in contemporary Britain, you’ll never have read anything like Nemesis the Warlock!