“Halo Jones was my first love. Or maybe my first role model. The girl that got out.” – Lauren Beukes

“the story of an ordinary woman, not a superhero or special snowflake, but a woman who made her own story … a character that represented the everywoman … The Ballad of Halo Jones broke the mould … remarkably timeless” – The Independent

“groundbreaking feminist heroine … one of the comic industry’s strongest role models” – The Guardian

“exponentially cooler than knock-offs like Tank Girl, mostly because she remains a fed-up real person amid the wild space opera of her universe” – Empire

Where did she go? Out. What did she do? Everything…

A masterpiece of British comics, the first volume of Alan Moore and Ian Gibson’s classic feminist space-opera, The Ballad of Halo Jones, is now available to pre-order with stunning painted colour from Barbara Nosenzo.

Out on 17th May, The Ballad tells the story of Halo Jones, from her humble beginnings to her galaxy-spanning adventure. When Halo grows bored with her life in The Hoop — a futuristic slum where jobs are scarce and excitement is non-existent — she yearns to escape and see the galaxy. But in a city where dangerous riots happen at the slightest provocation and even going to the shops is an ordeal requiring careful planning and a handful of zen-inducing-grenades, the price of freedom might prove to be more than she bargained for!

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64 pages, paperback
ISBN: 9781781086353
Diamond: MAR181845
UK: £9.99
North America: $9.99

Volume 2 available July 2018
Volume 3 available September 2018