In a dystopian Britain, deadly games of street football are played in evacuated towns – Matt Talon plays for the Slater’s Slayers, and he isn’t just in the Mean Arena for the love of the game – he’s here for revenge!

This classic 2000 AD story by Tom Tully and John Richardson – two legends of British comics – is collected in a digital-only graphic novel for the first time!

Debuting in 2000 AD Prog 178, The Mean Arena features the world’s most popular sport – a brutal mix of rugby, football and all-out street brawls, devised by greedy promoters and played in specially evacuated towns where the possibility of death lurks around every corner.

In this Rollerball-meets-Roy of the Rovers game, the highly gifted striker of Slater’s Slayers, Matt Tallon, isn’t just after championship glory – he wants to avenge his brother’s death!





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