Prepare to be astounded and amazed as Rebellion Publishing brings back a long-forgotten master of the uncanny, Janus Stark!

The Incredible Adventures of Janus Stark is out now, a perfect-bound 48-page magazine showcasing one of the forgotten heroes of the heyday of British comics – a rubber-boned Victorian escapologist capable of incredible feats of agility and able to squeeze through the smallest gaps!

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The Incredible Adventures of Janus Stark collection begins with his very first adventure in the pages of Smash from 1969. Written by Tom Tully and drawn by Francisco Solano López, the series ran in syndication until 1971 and was one of the few to survive Smash’s merger into Valiant in 1971.

This is first in a series of specials from Rebellion bringing classic British heroes out of the archive and back onto the page. It follows the company’s acquisition of the vast IPC back catalogue in 2017, creating the world’s biggest archive of English-language comics and encompassing more than a century of comic book publishing.