The latest Megazine his packed with more Devlin Waugh, Blunt, Lawless, Zombie Army, and the finale to Judge Dredd: Plunder!

Judge Dredd Megazine 417 is out now!

Welcome, citizens to the second Judge Dredd Megazine of 2020! We’ve got the final instalment of Dredd thriller Plunder, plus there’s the latest instalments of Devlin Waugh, Blunt, Lawless and Zombie Army!

In the bagged mini-trade we delve again into Brit comics history by reprinting The Nightcomers and Terror of the Cats from the 1980s horror anthology Scream!.

The spiritual descendants of The Nightcomers’ Beth and Rick Rogan can be found in Finder & Keeper’s Meera and Eliot, the duo from the all-ages ghost-hunting strip that debuted in last year’s Regened issue, and is back again in Prog 2170, out 26 February.

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Cover: Karl Richardson

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Script: Michael Carroll / Art: Karl Richardson / Letters: Annie Parkhouse


Mega-City One, 2141 AD. Home to over 130 million citizens, this urban hell is situated
along the east coast of post-apocalyptic North America, with the irradiated wasteland
known as the Cursed Earth to the west. Unemployment is rife, boredom universal and
crime is rampant. Tensions rest on a knife-edge and only the zero-tolerance Judges can
stop total anarchy. Toughest of them all is JUDGE DREDD — he is the Law!

Script: Ales Kot / Art: Mike Dowling / Letters: Annie Parkhouse

DEVLIN WAUGH // A Very Large Splash / Part Three

The Amalfi Coast, 2141 AD. A freelance paranormal troubleshooter and exorcist for the Vatican, Devlin Waugh is the world’s foremost supernatural investigator. Despite becoming a vampire after getting bitten tackling an outbreak in an underwater prison, Devlin continues to enjoy the finer things in life. Recently, he trapped the spirit of the demon Titivillus in a dildo…

Script: T. C. Eglington / Art: Boo Cook / Letters: Simon Bowland

BLUNT III // Part Three

The Mega-City One colony Getri-1, 2138 AD. Earth colonists attempted to make a new home on the planet, but discovered that its flora and fauna are psychically linked, and the world itself fought back against any intruders. Following battles with mutants and the alien Zhind, half-human, half-Uplift Blunt has led the survivors to safety. Now, a rescue ship is coming…

Script: Chris Roberson / Art: Andrea Mutti / Colours: Matt Soffe / Letters: Simon Bowland

ZOMBIE ARMY // Last Rites / Part Two

Southern France, the second year of the Dead War. In the closing stages of WWII, Hitler called upon occult forces to raise an army of zombies to battle the Allies. Efram Schweiger, Marie Chevalier, Major Haripal Singh, Reginald Patterson and Shola are a team of Deadhunters, tasked with clearing out areas where the ghouls may still be present…

Script: Dan Abnett / Art: Phil Winslade / Letters: Jim Campbell

LAWLESS // Boom Town / Part Three

Colonial Marshal Metta Lawson was appointed to the frontier township of Badrock on the planet 43 Rega, intent on stamping her authority on the colony. But in doing so, Lawson made many enemies, including Munce, Inc., the mega-corporation that funds Badrock. Now, MC-1 has dispatched an SJS contingent to oversee Badrock as it becomes a free-trade town…