“More than just a game inspired title” – Major Spoilers
“Non-stop combat” – Comics the Gathering
“A cracking action story” – downthetubes.net

The Sniper Elite: Resistance collection is out now!

Based on the best-selling computer game franchise from Rebellion, Sniper Elite: Resistance by Keith Richardson, Patrick Goddard, Quinton Winter, and Jim Campbell sees special agent Karl Fairburne is on his way to Occupied France to destroy a secret weapon.

But instead of a silent mission of sabotage, the legendary sniper for the Special Operations Executive finds the local resistance compromised and the SS waiting to play a deadly game of cat and mouse in the terrified streets of an ancient town…

This collection of the new Sniper Elite comic book includes the final comic book cover by the legendary Carlos Ezquerra, as well as an appearance by characters from one of his most popular strips, Rat Pack from Battle!