It may be just over three months away, but the 2000 AD droids are proud to present a free preview of their brand new all-ages title for Free Comic Book Day!

ONLY available from participating stores on Free Comic Book Day – 5th May 2018 – 2000 AD Regened presents a riotous all-ages comic featuring original, full-colour strips packed with thrill-power for Earthlets of all inception dates!

Enjoy 32 pages packed with comics, activities, and madcap fun – written by Matthew J. Smith, Alec Worley, Owen Michael Johnson, Colin Bell, Ned Hartley, and Henry Flint with art by Neil Googe, Ben Wilsher, Tanya Roberts, INDIO, Henry Flint, and Pye Parr, plus colours from Len O’Grady and Dom Regan, and letters by Sam Gretton, Simon Bowland, Pye Parr, Maz Smith, Colin Bell.

The preview below is just a small sample of what’s in store! Cadet Judge Dredd upholds the law in a blistering crime caper at an Aeroball game by Matt Smith and Neil Googe! Mutant bounty hunter Johnny Alpha earns his Strontium Dog badge from Alec Worley and Ben Willsher! Tharg’s Futureshocks present the wonderful world of HumanCraft by Ned Hartley and Tanya Roberts! Help Chet Jetstream escape Hell Island by Henry Flint! The teenage alien delinquents return with an eye on causing chaos in D.R. & Quinch Hijack Free Comic Book Day from Owen Michael Johnson, Colin Bell and INDIO!

If you want a copy you’ll have to get yourself along to a participating store on the store – make sure you badger your local store to order in copies before they disappear!

Check for your nearest Free Comic Book Day store here…