The latest Judge Dredd prose novella is now available to pre-order!

Machineries of Hate by Matthew Smith is the latest in the Judge Dredd: Year Three novella series, following Judge Dredd as he undertakes his third year on the mean streets of Mega-City One.

This new case sees Dredd tackle an issue that will come to haunt his career in law enforcement – robots!


Mega-City One, 2082. Droids! They’re everywhere; they clean for you, cook for you, grow your food. But don’t they deserve rights like everyone else?

Following up on rumours of an unlicensed robo-surgeon, Judge Joseph Dredd uncovers a growing robot revolution… and the mek-hating humans who want to stop them at all costs. 

The first novella in the Judge Dredd: Year Three series, Fallen Angel by Michael Carroll, is available to buy now in print and digital.