“wondrously splendid” – Forbidden Planet International

“utterly compelling reading” – Grovel

“visually stunning, with Phil Winslade’s line art packed with an almost overwhelming level of detail.” – Comics the Gathering

The second volume of Dan Abnett’s and Phil Winslade’s Dredd-world Western, Lawless, is available to pre-order now from 2000AD.com!

Since Colonial Marshal Metta Lawless unveiled their plans, the merciless hypercorp now consider Badrock a liability and are preparing to quietly wipe the frontier town and all its residents off the map!

Unfortunately the residents in question are an uncooperative and pugnacious group of Muties, Meks, Humans and Uplifted Gorillas who have just been permanently removed from Munce Inc.’s employee roster; getting them to work together for survival will be no easy task! Metta and her disparate band of peace-keepers must get the locals to put aside their differences and fight against the corporate threat, before they lose more than just their jobs!

This breathtaking black and white epic sci-fi Western features incredible art by Winslade and two of the best new Dredd-world characters of the past decade!

In store: 26th July (UK) 8 August (US)
£14.99 (UK) $19.99 (US)
ISBN: 9781781086292
Diamond code: MAY181945