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The Galaxy’s Greatest Comic rounds out another storming year with a 100-page Xmas spectacular, featuring a stunning line-up of stories and creators!

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This now annual tradition sees Judge Dredd tackles a sinister Christmas spirit in “Jingle All the Way”; Nolan Blake has to investigate a terrorist cell in Skip Tracer: Louder Than Bombs; vampire bounty hunter Durham Red takes down a criminal gang in “Three Gifts”; Celtic warrior Sláine learns a little of Ukko’s nefarious past in ‘The Bogatyr’; Deadworld’s survivors face down Judge Fear in “Running Scared”; the master cult makes its move in Brink: High Society; and the vampires take to the skies above WWI France in Fiends of the Western Front!

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Plus, supernatural series Caballistics, Inc. comes to a close with the final ever episode – set a couple of years after the events of the last story, ‘Visiting Hour’ sees freelance demon-hunter Hannah Chapter visit her comatose comrade Lawrence Verse in hospital, filling him in on what’s been happing to the rest of the characters – chiefly, the lengths their enemies are going to to destroy the demon offspring of the sinister Ravne and Jenny, the possessed wife of the former head of Department Q.