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2000 AD Covers Uncovered – “Hey Joe, Where You Goin’ With That Gun Of Yours?”

A1! Behold Clint Langley’s final, zarjaz cover in his ABC Warriors trilogy for the Fallout arc, which see’s Joe racking up those kills! I’m so pleased to present this cover, as Clint hid much of his robo-carnage with those flames of retribution! Check out Volkhan’s vanquished villains below…  

Manspreading much, Joe?

Clint was also kind enough to send more of his amazing extras from the newly released, must-buy, that is the Mek Files 4 Graphic Novel. This bumper book is absolutely chock full of redesigned pages and extras, you’d be a fool to miss it!

The first extra is a mean and moody profile shot of Joe, probably deciding what he’s going to have for tea… 

Why the long face, Joe?

Next up we have old Hammerstein himself, looking forlorn, as he has just stood in a steaming pile of Biol…

Stop… Hammerstein!

And finally, the mysterious Blackblood, facing his eternal, internal struggle of whether he prefers B*Witched or Bananarama…

It was murder getting those bloodstains out of his cloak.

Huge, huge thanks to Clint. Be sure to buy your copy of the Mek Files 4 here!

Tomorrow: The Making of Simon Coleby’s awesome cover of Prog 2075!

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2000 AD Covers Uncovered – Mek Phile

Clint Langley is back, spread the word!

Welcome to another 2000 AD Covers Uncovered which this time looks at the Deadlock levels of zarjaz Magik that Clint Langley manages to put into his artwork. Just how does he do it? 

Clint has been working for the House of Tharg for an astonishing twenty four years and has been the regular artist on ABC Warriors/Ro-Busters for the last eleven, wow! I still think of him as a new artdroid!

His lush ABC Warriors Volgan War volumes are a joy to behold, with Clint completely redesigning his strip work (for example, single panels become glorious double page splashes) to expand and explore key scenes, it really is fascinating. You can see an example here.

Today we shall be looking at Clint’s artwork for the covers of Progs 2062 and Prog 2069 as well as some EXCLUSIVE bonus illustrations for the forthcoming ABC Wariiors Mek Files 4 which collects Books 1 & 2 of the Volgan War in gorgeous Clin-O-Vision!

We’ll begin with the first cover of 2018, with Tharg and Clint quite literally pulling out the big guns to start the year with a bang! The cover of Prog 2062 features everyone’s favourite ABC paratrooper, the mighty Mongrol! Below we see Clint’s glorious inks for the piece…

“New Biol Deodorant smells great and leaves no white marks.”

Then Clint truly brings the chaotic scene to life using is arcane magik, wow…

Mongrol loved dancing to Superman by Black Lace.

A more serene, but no less menacing cover for Prog 2069 see’s each of our heroes contemplating just what they are going to do to with Blackblood when they get hold of him. Again, below are Clint’s gorgeous inks…

Steelhorn’s afro was starting to get out of control.

And then, witchcraft!

Clint forgot to take the red eye reduction off.

Amazing! Clint also provided three exclusive illustrations from the forthcoming Mek Files 4 book, which you can order from here. The first is this cooler than cool image of the ice cold Joe Pineapples…

Joe Pineapples seconds before the infamous Plant Butlins Beach Ball Massacre of 3082

Next up, Mongrol Smush!!!

Q: What does Mongrol have with his fish and chips?

A: Smushy Peas!

And finally, the treacherous Blackblood gleefully surveys the destruction of Mars…

Beneath the sadism, duplicity, treachery and deceit, he’s quite nice really.

So there we have it! A bumper 2000 AD Covers Uncovered! Thank you so much to Clint for sending the glorious images, be sure to check out his Facebook page for more insanely great images!

Tomorrow, Phil Winslade’s amazing Lawless cover of Meg 393!  

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2000AD Covers Uncovered – Keep Death Off The Roads!

Hold on to your helmets as Clint Langley brings us the making of his zarjaz cover Deadworld cover of Prog 2025, and Good Grud, what a cover it is!

The cover shows Fairfax and Jess desperately trying to escape the omnipresent clutches of Judge Death and his twisted brethren in what must be one of the darkest strips in 2000AD’s rich history. Clint was kind enough to send his images of his mind boggling process which simply MUST come with the following health warning – set Thrill Buffers at Maximum Earthlets! 

Done that? Good, because here are what can only be described as Clint’s eye meltingly terrifying inks…

Good Grud, the cycling proficiency tests on Deadworld are harsh!

Those inks are drawn A2 sized and I bet are an absolute wonder to behold.

With the inks complete, tones are digitally added to make it look even darker and creepier!

Hiiiiiiiighway to Hell!

 So finally, Clint digitally colours the image proving once again that he is probably the best in the business!

 “Look once! Look Twice! Keep an eye out for Motorcycles (and giant genocidal maniacs!)”

Thank you so much to Clint for sending the images. This cover is an astounding testament to his talent – stunning composition and digital effects mere squaxx cannot comprehend. For more of CLint’s work, those who are on Facebook should check out The Art of Clint Langley, it’s wonderful!

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2000AD Covers Uncovered – Twisted Sister!

Not content with being a prolific interior strip artdroid, the brilliant Clint Langley is a Gruddamned cover machine! His glorious cover for Prog 2013 is his 75th prog cover, that’s quite a habit he’s got there!

This 2000AD Covers special will look at not only Clint’s recent covers, but also some of the wonderful social media ads he produced to, quote, “promote 2000AD, because I love it to bits!”

Below is, quite aptly, a cowboy shot of the rather wicked Claw Carver, claw and all!

 It’s balloons he misses the most…

Next up, a taste of what was to come…

The head of the heard, company man Earl Reagan…

His name is Earl.

Ah, who remembers those limited edition Alamosaur Burgers?

Warning, eating too many of these would give you a megasorearse.

Next, a lovely study of the Fleshdozer…

The fleshdozer never sleeps!

Claw’s errant daughter, Vegas…

Viva, lost Vegas.

And finally another image of good old Carver – He IS the claw!

The Blooded Claw!

This brings us neatly to Clint’s Flesh Cover Gallery for the Gorehead saga. Clint often delights fans by adopting a coherent style across a series of covers. He didn’t dissappoint here, going for a very effective black and white vibe for this arc of Flesh. The first cover was for Prog 2001, foreshadowing the fate of many…

“Sheesh! Anyone got a breath mint?”

Followed by the buttock clenchingly tense moment when father finally catches up with his daughter…

” ‘CLAW! I mean, ‘DRAW!’ “

 And finally we see Earl Reagan taking on Gorehead and a whole heard of T-Rexes, on a horse, with a pointy stick. He’s in trouble…

So brave! So handsome! So dead!

After finishing the current arc of Flesh, Tharg allowed Clint his allocated 3 second oil break before ordering him to work on a scrotnig cover for new story Hope. This griity, noire-esque story is set in an alternate 1940’s Hollywood, where occult magic is the norm. Mallory Hope is a private investigator with a talent for black magic and nose for trouble.

In the City of Angels, Mallory or constantly haunted by his demons, particularly a rather spooky nun in a gas mask…

Sister Wilf was off to see Father Flatulence again…

Huuuuge thanks to Clint for sending the images. Surely he must be one of Tharg’s most versatile droids! Those earthlets who have Facebook accounts should check out “The Art of Clint Langley” group for more amazing images!  

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2000AD Covers Uncovered – Prog 2001 Gorehead Revisited!

Flesh returns to Prog 2001 as we discover wat became of Gorehead, Carver and the gang at the Trans-Time Corporation. Clint Langley breaks out his amazing digital toolbox to bring us some seriously eyepopping visuals in the story, including the glorious cover above.

Clint’s previous cover was for Prog 1980, a chilling vision of Death and his world for the excellent Deadworld series Tainted. Clint was kind enough to send the inks for the fearsome foursome. This massive peice was done at A2 and must be an awesome sight to behold!

(It’s on a peice of wire on his belt.)

And here’s Clint’s digital painting. The man is a true visionary when it comes to working digitally…

The Harlem Heroes have let themselves go…

Massive thanks to Clint for sending the amazing images, I can’t wait to see what he, Pat and Gorehead have in store for us!