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Weird Vibes – the 2000 AD fiction of John Smith

Are you getting Weird Vibes?

From the mind of John Smith to the pages of the Judge Dredd Megazine, this new collection brings together eight stories from the master of the sublime and the downright disturbing – John Smith.

These stand-alone short stories feature some of the worlds and characters from his best-known series…

The reptillian nun, conceptual artist and cosmic bounty hunter, Tyranny Rex, must survive Demonic forces, Occult organisations and dimension-hopping dream parasites if she wants to keep her tail in tact!

Agents of the interdimensional INDIGO PRIME continue their work repairing (and often even rebooting) universes under threat from catastophic reality-shattering events including New York disappearing due to a mass LSD trip and a powerful Vodoo Priestess resurrecting Elvis Presley by way of Magickal haircuts.

Meanwhile, vampiric Vatican agent, international celebrity and bon vivant, Devlin Waugh, finds himself the target of an obsessed stalker and diabolic entities…

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John Smith is unquestionably a 2000 AD hero, with a host of creative credits to his name, including A Love Like Blood, Devlin Waugh, Firekind, Holocaust 12, Indigo Prime, Pussyfoot 5, Revere, Slaughterbowl, Tyranny Rex, Leatherjack, Dead Eyes and Cradlegrave. Smith has also written Future Shocks, Judge Dredd, Judge Karyn, Pulp Sci-Fi, Robo-Hunter, Rogue Trooper, Tales from Beyond Science, Vector 13 and Tales from the Black Museum. Smith’s work beyond the Galaxy’s Greatest Comic includes the long-running New Statesmen series in Crisis, DC/Vertigo’s Hellblazer and Scarab, and Harris Comics’ Vampirella.